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Better Manage Your Service Contracts with HVAC Service Software

Posted by the Wintac team on Mar 15, 2017 10:00:00 AM

better manage service contracts.jpgManaging service contracts can be a time-consuming task for HVAC businesses. Whether you’re an organized person or not, keeping up with all of the data that go along with each contract is a huge responsibility. And without software, it can easily become a burden. Finding work-history information among hundreds of paper files is arduous, especially knowing that it could be done at the click of a button with the right software program.

Whether it’s accessing account information quickly, keeping accounts better organized, or simply the freedom of going paperless, there are many reasons why software can help you better manage your HVAC business service contracts.

Accessibility and Efficiency

One of the biggest time-savers when it comes to managing service contracts is the ability to see them on the go, from wherever you are. That means your contractors can pull up accounts from the road instead of having to call into the office for your office manager to leaf through service tickets. It’s quick, and it’s easy.

In this industry, efficiency is critical, because time is money. Being able to enter contract data quickly and retrieve those data quickly is a huge time-saver. With the right software program, you’ll be able to access the original work order or invoice on an account with just a single mouse click. That means a detailed work history for each customer is right at your fingertips!

Staying on Top of Accounts

Another huge benefit to HVAC software is staying on top of your accounts. With software, you won’t let things lapse. Not only is data easily accessible, but you can set alerts to help remind you of important details. Whether it’s time for a customer to have maintenance performed or it’s time to renew that customer’s contract, you’ll be on top of reminding him or her because you’re being reminded yourself. That’s huge in terms of keeping revenue flowing.

Providing Better Customer Service

Software will also help you provide better customer service. With access to your customers’ accounts right at your fingertips, you’ll always be able to access information quickly and keep up with their needs.

In addition, HVAC reporting tools allow you to easily produce customer reports based on each client’s exact make and model of equipment. That means if a recall is issued, you’ll be able to stay on top of it and inform the client. You’ll also be able to know if service is overdue or if a customer’s equipment is outdated and in need of an upgrade. All of this information makes it easier for you to provide premium service to the customer while also upselling services and equipment.

Going Paperless

On top of all the business management benefits that come with HVAC software, going paperless is a benefit in and of itself and worth mentioning. Paper files can be lost, damaged, stolen, or just completely useless if you can’t read them. Converting all of your accounts into a software program is safer and more secure. Also, paper files are not accessible anywhere and everywhere as electronic data will be once incorporated into a software system.

In addition to all of these benefits is the fact that going paperless is green. That’s something that a lot of customers recognize and appreciate these days.

In Conclusion

With so many benefits, it makes sense to incorporate software in order to help you manage your service contracts. Once working with a software program, you’ll likely wonder how you ever lived without it before. It will help you operate more efficiently and ultimately lead to more profitability.

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