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5 HVAC Software Tools to Consider Using in 2017

Posted by the Wintac team on Apr 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

hvac software tools to use in 2017.jpgUtilizing software can maximize productivity, boost efficiency and in turn, increase your total profits. But that’s only true if you find the right product with tools that truly helps improve the way you do business. The right solution will provide you with better oversight of your business, improve communication between technicians and the office, and allow you to complete more jobs in less time, with less callbacks. Below are some of the key HVAC business software tools that will help you accomplish all of this.

1. Scheduling, Dispatching, and Work Order Management

With software, scheduling, dispatching and work order management all become easily recorded and traceable. With software you'll be able to create a work order, schedule a job, and dispatch that job to a technician in real-time, in minutes. Without losing the paper trail or forgetting to notify the tech on the road. Afterwards, these records will be easily accessible. You’ll also able to turn that work order into an invoice or proposal from the office or in the field.

2. Customer Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools allow you to organize, track and manage your customers all from one central location. They also allows you to provide better customer service and better manage your service agreements. When your customers service history, billing history, equipment and notes are all stored locally, retrieving this information, especially in the field, becomes faster and easier. You’ll be able to run reports on who has what equipment installed by make or model, see who's due for service, and easily search and sort your entire customer database.

3. Service Agreements and Maintenance Tracking

Business Management software that keeps track of your service agreements, work orders and job statuses, ensures that your technicians will never miss a routine maintenance job and that your customers receive the best care possible. Software also allows you to turn on automatic pop-up notices and alerts for any customer to remind you of upcoming appointments or any critical information. Staying current and proactive with your customers maintenance agreements ensures steady cash flow.

4. Invoicing and QuickBooks Integration

All-in-One solutions such as Wintac allow you to turn any proposal, quote, or estimate into a work order or invoice. You’ll also be able to email your invoices and even apply payments out in the field. Integration with Quickbooks will then send your invoices and receipts to Quickbooks to reduce double data-entry and really streamline your accounts receivable and billing processes.

5. Mobile Access

Having the ability to access critical customer and job information in real-time out in the field is crucial for achieving true efficiency. In 2017, having a mobile workforce will change the way you run your business by reducing the number of calls coming into the office and by putting the tools your technicians need most out in the field in their hands. It will also reduce the amount of paperwork you need to have and limit the chances of a work order, invoice or proposal getting lost, stolen, or soiled. Mobile access today allows your techs to be more efficient, more productive, and better equipped to diagnose a problem all on their own.”


With the aforementioned five types of software tools working together, you can streamline your processes so your business runs at its very best. In the long run, better business management helps not only with profitability, but also customer service. As the latter is key for building ongoing relationships and procuring new customers, it is essential to business continuation and growth. Leverage the right software tools to take your business to a higher level.

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